In this December, 2019/ January & February, 2020 Edition :

 Jeju Says No Dispatch to the Strait of Hormuz/ Military Protection Area Implications/ Mass killing of mandarin ducks and access road construction at Gangjeong River/ Opposition to the 2nd airport grows (Overall update on the struggle against the 2nd Jeju airport)/ Why did I carry out a street fast?/ An international petition to call off the Jeju 2nd airport/ The struggle of Jeju and Okinawa/ Seeing the Nanjing Massacre from Alddreu Airfield/ Refusing Deceptive Pardon/ Arrest of the Former Police Chief and uodate on people’s trials/ Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Gangjeong Village/ US THAAD Upgrade and South Korea Defense Cost-sharing / Gureombi Norae (I’ve Got to Know) etc.


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