In this February/ March 2017  Edition:

Remember Gureombi: Neither Zumwalt Nor THAAD/Unilateral Enforcement of the Jeju Air Force Base/ The 4·3 Massacre and the USA/ A Future of Hawaii and Today of Jeju/ Zumwalt 12 Trial Update/ Peace school with Kyoko Okumoto/ Lecture on Women’s Voices in Militarism/ Demilitarized Peace Island a Work in Progress/ No More Dolphin Imports from Japan/ Navy’s strategic lawsuit against participation /The navy secretly works to restore soft corals/ Park Out, People In/ The GN 25th annual conference ad.


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Corrected: Regarding an article on ‘Zumwalt 12 Trial Update,’ in page 2, the USS Zumwalt is a 4 ‘billion’ USD, not 4 ‘million’ USD. Please see the renewed version in the ‘Download the PDF,’ above.

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