July August first section_Page 1In this this July and August Special Edition:
Reflections on 2015 Gangjeong March (domestic and international/ writings and photos),  Gangjeong as the co-recipients of the IPB award, U.S. Ships and Fighter Jets are are here, the 23rd Global Network conference in Kyoto,  Connecting Bath and Jeju,  Returning to Jeju, Taiwan anti-nuclear activist’s solidarity with Gangjeong, The Ghost of Yasukuni Cancelled by Jeju City,  a miracle in relation to the Sewol Ferry incident, trial updates, anti-naval base struggle shown in numbers,  Peace for the Sea international Sea Camp in Okinawa, 2015 , navy’s outrageous move, Captive dolphins return to Jeju Sea, Jeju’s soft coral suffering from damage, ‘Black Eagle’ Airshow invades village,  international solidarity, and more!


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Here is a clear view of the table in the page 7.

Shown in numbers



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