May 2016_Final_Page 1In this May Edition:

5.15 Okinawa Peace March an Inspiration for Gangjeong; Our daily mass a seed of peace; May 24 International Women’s Day for Peace And Disarmament; Andrew and Debbie visiting Gangjeong; Brando and Omi; One person protest; War vessels for drills and tours;  Update of the incident on military drill in April ; International Conscientious Objector Day; Trial updates; Remembering Gwangju; Jeju Forum; Fundraising concert in Seoul; A memorial site to be preserved;  Children’s Day; Fr. Mun Kyu-Hyun awarded in Gwangju; Samgeori faces crackdown; 2016 Grand March for Life and Peace ad; In remembrance of Shimabukuro Rina; and Gangjeong Friends ad.


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