Article by Hosu, photos by Hye-Young

On December 27th, 2014, the fishing vessel was crashed by a part of concrete structure that was washed away. The whole part of concrete structure is laid right off the eastern seawall for protecting the newly built caissons from strong waves. But it eventually caused the wreck of the fishing vessel owned by one of Gangjeong villagers. 

The parts of concrete structure are laid in the sea so it is not easy to notice them quickly as fish vessels approach the port. Moreover when it happened, it was about at 2 am in the dark. Although there are lights installed on the concrete structures, some of the structures laid closer to the sea have not any light. 

Fishermen say they already expected this kind of accident would happen soon. On December 16th, the fishermen association of Gangjeong Village already visited the office of the construction site and demanded to remove those concrete structures right off the seawalls that have become obstacles to enter the port by making the space narrow. But they said their demand is ignored by the navy.





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