This has been translated from Jeju MBC’s April 30th news report (necessary edits have been made for clarity).

“Congressional elects have tread their first walks for the naval base conflict. Gangjeong Villagers have requested the elects for a withdraw of the claim of indemnity…

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Oh Young Hoon and Wi Seong Gon, elects from ‘With-Together’ Democracy Party  visited Gangjeong Village to untie the knotted thread of Gangjeong Village conflict.

Villagers requested to the elected candidates  for the withdraw of the claim of indemnity to the elected candidates as well as a truth investigation.

Village Mayor Cho Kyung Chul said “The Minjoo (People’s) Party of Korea and the Justice Party should cooperate together and form a special committee on a congressional level or the like for a truth investigation. That way, our villagers can recover their honor, and we can refer to it when [the Navy] later insist on the right to indemnity on legal grounds.”

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Also, voices were heard about villagers feeling threatened due to military exercises happening within the village.

Ko Kwon Il, Gangjeong Village Vice-Mayor, said, “Firearms combined with magazines is a homicidal weapon. The act of [the Navy] facing civilians with these firearms causes bystanders to feel the fear of death from their own point of view, irregardless of the intention of the armed soldier.”

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Elected representatives promised to hold a discussion regarding a solution for the Naval Base Conflict at the 20th National Assembly Elections.

Oh Young Hoon, a congressional elect, voiced, “First of all, in regards to the indemnity issue, we have to see a response from a parliamentary level. On the issue of truth investigation, I see it as requiring a discussion with Governor Won Hee Ryong. After all, it was his election pledge.”

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Within this public social gathering, the elects who have visited the Jeju Naval Base have been asked to endeavor for an honest attempt at co-existence and harmony between the Navy and the Gangjeong Villagers.

Wi Seong Gon, another congressional elect: “The Navy has to live with Gangjeong Villagers, but if instances of guns being drawn becomes frequent, it becomes hard for them to live together. This secures a room for greater conflict.

Nam Dong Woo Brigadier / Commander of Navy’s  7th Mobile Warfare Unit: “Unlike other instances, there were many difficult instances, and as such, we are agonized about how to promote activities that can really create harmony with the villagers.”

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Congressional elects plan to meet the Minister of National Defense Han-Min Gu next week to request the withdrawal of the right of indemnity.

MBC News, Park Ju Yeon.”

All photos are owned by Jeju MBC news.

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