On Oct. 27, Sat., it heavily rained during the daytime in Gangjeong, following the daytime rain on Oct. 26.  Sometimes even the lightening. Still the construction (destruction) did not stop. So the suffering of protesters went on, too.

Photo by Cho Sung-Bong/ protestors tightened themselves together to block the construction trucks. See more on his photos, click here.

Photo by Cho Sung-Bong/ Mr. Oh Chul-Geun who has done three steps one bow for months during last winter recently started it again from the gate to the port. Mr. Oh Chul-Geun continues the practice even in the heavy rain.

Though the rain stopped in the evening, overnight construction went on so 24 hour protest in shift went on, too. It was 2ndtime that people’s daily peaceful bow at 7am was interrupted by the police on Oct. 28, following Oct. 26. See the below.

The below is the brief record from 9:20 pm, Oct. 27 to 7:15 pm, Oct 28.

Around9pm, Oct. 27, Sat.

Around 9:20 pm, Oct 27: About 500 policemen just to block tens of protesters. Whenever the police appear in the night, it is like a lightened stage. The 500 policemen ate told to come from Seoul and Busan ( policewomen). To the waste of our tax, the navy mobilized 500 policemen for the exit of only two trucks, entry of two trucks and an automobile.

Around 9:20 pm, Oct 27: Mayor Kang protests to the police

Around 11pm, Oct. 27, Sat.

Around 11 pm, Oct 27: Police are mobilized again

Around 11 pm, Oct 27: Police, we are ready to welcome you.

Around 11 pm, Oct 27: Police you may do your best to take apart each of us.

Around 11;50pm, Oct. 27: Mr. Kim Jong Hwan, a  villager and cook thankfully brought  brief food of instant noodle and Kimchee.  Everyone’s joyful time.

Around 1 am, Oct. 28, Sun.

Around 1 am, Oct. 28, Sun. Another police roughing out. But everyone is in great positive and determined spirit-yes team spirit.

Around 1 am, Oct 28: People were infuriated during the police roughing out since some policemen were especially provoking. Those kinds of policemen love to hit and even pinch isolated protester. They also pretend to mistake woman as man. You should shout them that you are a woman then! (In Korea, men is supposed to be dealt by the male policemen while women, by the policewoman)

Around 3:10 am, Oct. 28, Sun

Around 3:10 am, Oct. 28: To a policeman who said he belongs to the Jeju provincial police agency, Mr. Kim Jong Hwan, a villager, shouts, “Bastards, recover the Gureombi rock!”

Around 3:10 am, Oct. 28: When a male peacekeeper who had been with female peace keepers when the police came, he had to shout to them, ‘ I am a man.’ (In Korea, it is supposed that males are dealt by the policemen while female are by the policewomen). But as soon as he said it, the police grabbed his neck from the behind and twisted his arm. Otherwise, people protested to the police on the lights that the police intentionally shined to people inside the detention circle.

Around 5am, Oct. 28, Sun

Around 5 am, Oct. 28: Cement mixer trucks come out again. Peacekeepers that had a short sleep on the tents and cars etc. appeared again with tiredness. Violent police roughing out began again. A young male peacekeeper appealed later. When the police carried out him, they happened to drop his head so he had to elect his upper body himself. When he appealed his pain to the policemen, the police dragged one of his leg.. And after he was detained inside a police circle, isolated, the police grabbing the front and backside of his jumper in the neck made him breathless. Further, even though it might be just accidental, he felt as if some policemen are hitting him with their fists. The thin and small young male peacekeeper could not understand why the policemen inhumanly dealt with him as such as he wasn’t doing little resistance to them. There were only three trucks coming in and two trucks coming out. What a mad construction! What a waste of people’s money to mobilize 500 policemen and to commit human right violation.

Around 5:30am, Oct. 28: People are still keeping the gate amidst cold and strong wind.

Around 6am, Oct. 28: It was seen that workers enter the gate from 6: 30 am amidst cold wind and darkness. Can you imagine 24 hour/ 7 days construction (destruction)? It means people here can seldom rest.

Around 7:15am, Oct. 28, Sun.

Around 7:15am, Oct. 28: The police even interrupted 100 peace bows that is held daily. The police have interrupted bows for the 1st time on Oct 26, with the start of 24hour construction

Around 7:15 am, Oct. 28: When even the peace bows were interrupted, two female peacekeepers who stayed overnight for struggle tried to block the two cement mixer trucks with their bodies in the gate.

Around 7:15 am, Oct. 28: Still the peace bows go on: The graffiti on the gate reads, “Peace to Gangjeong, Love you, Gureombi,”

Around 7:15 am, Oct. 28: After the police disturbance, the 100 peace bows were continued in front of the naval base project committee building complex. Recently the Jeju local court made a decision on ‘no-guilt,’ on a young peacekeeper who was accused to bite the shoulder of a policemen during his resistance against illegal police roughing out of people. The judge said that the police performance at the time cannot be considered as the fair carrying of government affairs so the charge against him cannot be established. See here. The people made copies of the court decision document and put them on the fence.



Otherwise Rebecca Kim posted on her and her friends’ protest in Seoul at 11 am, Oct. 27. See the note on the protest at the bottom of here.

‘8 people got together today in Gwanghwamun Square to protest the 24-hour sheer madness happening in Gangjeong. (Tom Smith, Fielding Hong, Adit Satrya, Alfian Tahir, Akihiro Togashi, Jonghwa Rhee, Jung Jo, and me.)’


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“No naval base!” in four different languages.
(English, Korean, Bahasa, Japanese.)
No naval base in Jeju!
No naval base in Korea!
No naval base in East Asia!
No naval base in the world!
Stop the illegal construction of the Jeju Naval Base in Gangjeong!
Stop the 24-hour a day sheer madness!

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“Down down Samsung!”
“Up up Peace!”

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 Please write letters to the political prisoners against the Jeju naval base

As of Oct. 28

Mr. Kim Bok Chul (No. 598) 138th day in jail

Rev. Jeong Yeon-Gil (No. 187) 52nd day in jail

Mr. Park Suk-Jin (No. 188) 52nd day in jail

Mr. Park Seung-Ho (No. 290) 43rd day in jail.

Fr. Lee Young-Chan 5th day in jail


 161 Ora-2dong, Jeju City, Jeju, the Peace Island, Korea


Release all the peace activists!

Stop the illegal and absurd naval base construction!

( Source  by Cho Sung-Bong)

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