Following the Jan. 27 event, the 2nd event to build the Jeju as the Demilitarized Peace Island is held in the Gwandeokjeong, Jeju City, Jeju island on March 1, from 11 am to the afternoon. Internationals are welcome to join.  Please see the detailed information in the below (translation of the event notice sent by the preparatory people)

Otherwise, Dr. Song Kang-Ho has written an article on the meaning of the Jan. 27 event for the monthly newsletter. See the top article in its 1st page, here.

Jan 27 event

Photo by Paco Booyah/ A gathering for the declaration of the Jeju as the demilitarized Peace Island on Jan. 27, 2013


On Jan. 27, we, gathering at the Jeju 4.3 Peace Park, declared that “the Jeju Island is the demilitarized Peace Island.’ It was to emphasize that the Jeju should not be armed but be the Demilitarized Peace Island  with neither military nor military base.

For that, we, the 111 declarers, made a resolution to realize the Demilitarized Peace Island by constant practices and peaceful efforts not merely by one time declaration event. We also decided to hold the 2nd meeting to make the Demilitarized Peace Island in front of Gwandeokjeong (*see the bottom) on March 1st, to reconfirm our resolution and practical will and to share the will with many more citizens.

March 1 is the 94th anniversary of the March 1 movement [ in 1919] when [the Koreans] declared that Korea is a self-reliant and independent nation in a non-violent and peaceful way, against the violence of Japanese imperialism. It is also a date when the ceremony commemorating the 28th anniversary of the March 1st was held in Jeju [in 1947] that became the fuse of Jeju 4.3 uprising.


Drawing on the incident of March 1st, 1947, by Kang Yo-Bae, Jeju artist. The drawing is included in his famous drawing book on 4.3 incident (Source). The current political prisoner, Yang Yoon-Mo has a personal historical connection to the incident. See here.

The Gwandeokjeong is the place that has been with the history of Jeju. It was the historic site at the time of Lee Jae-Sou-led uprising in 1901 ( *Jeju people’s uprising against the dominance and oppression by the French Catholic Missionaries)  and 3.1 ceremony in 1947 when about 20,000 people gathered. It is the site of the living spirits of the patriotic forefathers who resisted against the wickedness of foreign power and made efforts to save the precious Jeju Community.

The reason that we set ‘the Gwandeokjeong, March 1’ for the date and venue of the event is to succeed the spirit of our forefathers. It is to cherish the memory of the patriotic forefathers who faced against unjust violence and to break through the deplorable reality in which justice is suffering.

Participation by the conscientious citizens who love peace becomes the force to change the world. We have a confidence that a small action can fill you and your children’s future with peace. We oppose the Jeju naval base. Yang Yoon-Mo who was imprisoned for the forth time and is making prison fast, risking one’s life, urgently hopes your participation as well.

We invite you to the Gwandeokjeong on March 1.

Feb. 22, 2013

17 People present in the preparatory meeting including Dr. Song Kang-Ho and Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo (Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo in prison also agreed to be as one of the proponents for the March 1 event)

The 2nd declaration rally for the Jeju Demilitarized Peace Island

Schedule and program

March 1, Friday, 2013

Part 1: declaration ceremony

11am, Gwandeokjeong

12pm Moving to the Seoyoodang (a small library) and lunch

Part 2: Small group discussions at Seoyoodang, 1 pm

( Seoyoodang: 064-758-3229/ 6-24 Hwangsaewatgil, Jeju City)

Part 3: Watching the movie, ‘Jiseul,’ (if you want)

_Participation fee: 10,000 won ( The movie fee is not included here)

_We are preparing for the programs for children. Family participation is welcome!

_Dress code(recommended): Traditional Korean or Jeju cloth (Gal-ot)

_If you bring any snacks, we will share those in the small group discussions.

Small group discussion subjects (Any free suggestion on the subjects on the day are welcome!)

1)    Reading gathering on  disarmament and peace activities

2)    Peace fair trade in the Jeju and overseas

3)    Screening of ‘Occupy Wall street’ and discussion on the volunteering joining in movements

4)    By what will the Jeju Island make living?

5)    Peace Sarangbang (*Sarangbang is a welcoming room for guests by the Korean tradition)

Contact in Korean and English: Silver (010-9199-0717 )

Paco 2

Photo by Paco Booyah on Jan. 27, 2013


What and where is the Gwandeokjeong (제주 관덕정)? 


Source:  A Korean Travel Journal blog/ The Gwandeokjeong, Jeju, was originally built in 1448 for a military training of archery.

See the location and address here

See a photo with a brief historical description, here

See a blog on the visit of the Gwandeokjeong with some photos, here


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