[Oct. 15] The National Police Agency replied to the UN human rights inquiry on oppression on Gangjeong without consultation to the Jeju Police Agency.

According to the National Assembly inspection resource material that Park Nam Choon (Democratic United party), a member of the Administrative Security Committee of the National assembly, has gotten from the Jeju Police Agency, the agency has not gotten any consultation from the National Police Agency regarding the reply letter to the UN human rights special rapporteurs’ joint inquiry on human rights violation in Gangjeong [on May 30.]

It means the National Agency has made the reply letter in the way of the arbitrary.

It was also exposed that the Jeju Police Agency has recognized on the existence of joint letter only through media and it has only become to know that there is the Gangjeong-related contents only by the preparation process on the National Assembly inspection at the end of September.





“UN무시, 인권 위에 존재하는 경찰청은 소설가?”

‘UN인권이사회 강정 인권침해 질의서’ 경찰청 맘대로 작성

제주청은 허수아비, 공동서한 내용과 답변여부 전혀 몰라?”

2012.10.15  10:03:46

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