Photo by Ppyongharin/ Early as 7 am on Sept. 16, an Aegis Destroyer, Sejong , the Great, made the 1st entry in the Gangjeong Sea. It met protesters’ signs.

a kayak

Photo by Ppyongharin/ A kayak heading toward the 1st aegis that entered the Gangjeong Sea on Sept. 16.

On Sept. 16,  Aegis destroyers made their first entries into the  currently built Jeju naval base early at 7 am. The navy reasoned the entries were for the test of  their coming alongside the pier.  There were two aegis destroyers on the day- named Sejong, the Great and Yang Man-Choon, which were accompanied by a connvoy and a rescue ship. On the day,  a military helicopter  flew low with heavy noise.  It was the next day  that  the last remaining Sejong, the Great  finally left.

It is told that the navy is planning to send total 22 military ships by the mid October for safe mooring test etc. Is it for the 47th ROK-US Security Consultative meeting in mid-October? Or a kind of missile defense test with the excuse of North Korea rocket launch supposedly on Oct. 10? Whatever, we felt really tragic on the day… and determined.

No Missile defense!
No ROK-US-Japan trilateral military alliance!
No War base in the Peace Island!


See the days’ video here.

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Photo by Park Jijo, Yonhap news/ a kayak countering an aegis


Photo by Park Jiho, Yanhap News, Sept. 16/ The media reporters could see and hear the protesters above a breakwater which is distant from the pier



Photo by No Base Stories of Korea, 2011/ An art work by Choi Byung-Soo in 2007. The Aegis-shaped cut steel plate used to stand on the Gureombi Rock which was closed for naval base construction on September 2, 2011.

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