Photo by Choi Kyung-Joon, Ohmynews, May 29, 2012 / Prof. Noam Chomsky wearing a yellow t-shirt that reads “Don’t kill the Gureombi Rock. Stop the blast!’ The t-shirt was brought by Mr. Koh Gil-Chun, Jeju artist, on May 22, 2012


Noam Chomsky, an Emeritus professor in the Department of Linguistics & Philosophy at MIT sent an email message regarding the Dec. 19 South Korean Presidential election through Mr. Koh Gil-Chun, Jeju artist and Gangjeong Village Association on Dec. 14. He emphasized the fate of the Jeju should be an important element for the Koreans to consider in the election. Here is the whole of his message. 

There is no doubt that the December 19 election will be an event of great importance for South Korea and the region, with broader implications as well. The people of South Korea have an opportunity to go forward on a path of peace and reconciliation, despite all the barriers on the way. Or to choose confrontation, militarism, and serious threats reaching as far as possible destruction.

One very important consideration should be the fate of Jeju Island, where the population has been struggling courageously for years against military projects that are undermining their hopes that Jeju will truly be an “Island of World Peace.” These projects not on have highly destructive effects on the environment and on the lives of the people of the island, but also sow the seeds of dangerous conflict, even potential superpower conflict. I hope and trust that voters will have such matters foremost in their minds when they cast their ballots.

Noam Chomsky

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