Solidarity from UK on July 4

‘Independence FROM America’ 4th July at Menwith Hill, Yorkshire, England. This US military spy base is managed by the discredited NSA and linked to Missile ‘Defence’ and drone killings.

Organisers CAAB (Campain for the Accountability of American Bases) showed Regis Tremblay’s film ‘The Ghosts of Jeju‘ and flew the No Naval Base flag in solidarity with the struggle at Gangjeong.’ (writing and photos forwarded by Andrew, UK)








Peace flag photo from the Menwith Hill, UK
“Flying every week at demo at Menwith Hill x” (Sent by Lindis Percy on June 18) . “The person in the photo is Martin Schweiger – a medical doctor who comes straight from work each week to the demo. He is also a Quaker, activist and….CAAB! The winter was hard with a lot of snow, then a lot of rain but now…summer time! It can be very rough up there.”

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