In the  morning of Feb. 8, Paco Booyah got the court decision of probation, meaning postponement of sentence. we are so pleased to inform this and thank a lawyer Paik Shinok. we also congratulate, Silver, his significant other!

Paco has been investigated by the police including the coast guard for four cases and the prosecutors have indicted him for the charge of ‘obstruction of business.’ regarding the incident during last summer.

He was just sitting in a catholic mass while taking photos in front of the naval base project building complex. It was only 8 min.

On Dec. 21, he became the 1st international who stood in the Jeju court in person regarding the naval base issue.

At the rime, the prosecutors suggested six month imprisonment against him.

Today, the judge Kim Kyungsun told that ‘ even though he is guilty, the court made a decision on probation on him since he has no crime career before; it happened during the NGO activities; the time of obstruction of business was short therefore it was not great damage.

We had worried about him especially after the case of Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo but now feel relieved.

We are happy to see him who would have some precious lunar holidays with his family ! we are also happy to be able to keep him with us for the life here and many important works!

However, unless the vicious Korean immigration law is revised, we cannot stop all the hardships that our grateful international friends had to get through.

We are so sorry bout that and hope we can have some common measure about it. we are not forgetting Benjamin Monnet, Angie Zelter and all the friends who were arrested or entry- denied for the support of struggles.

Thanks, everyone!

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