On September 19th, there was a four day international peace camp held at Okinawa. This gathering succeeded the previous one held in Gangjeong of Jeju last year, and we anticipate the next one to be established in Taiwan.


These meetings are conducted with the overall intention of solidifying the triangular line of peace among the three mentioned islands (Taiwan, Jeju, Okinawa). This act seems urgent and timely, given the current global politics that has jeopardized marine life and imperiled communities nearby the Asian seas. To protect these fragile ecosystems, over 70 concerned individuals from the three islands have gathered in Okinawa to share stories about their respective struggles, learn about current military situation in Camp Schwab, and canoe in the Henoko sea. I believe that each 70 personnels have come out of the camp with wider knowledge over the matters in Okinawa and a deeper appreciation of the Asian waters that connects all us despite the geographical divide.








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