2012 Korea Grand March for Life and Peace

22nd Day, Yeoju, Pyeongtaek

Images by Lee Woo-Ki

The twenty-second day of the Korea Grand March for Life and Peace, marching throughout Korea to end the Gangjeong Naval Base, in Yeoju, Pyeongtaek,

[Grand March Day 22] Friday, Oct.26-Yeoju/Pyeongtaek
8:30am Departure by bus
10am Arrival in Yeoju. 4 Rivers Project, Gangcheon Irrigation Resevoir, Pilgrimage
12pm Lunch
1pm Marching down Jasansangbyeon Street or Gaechinalu Street
4:30pm Moving to Daechuri in Pyeongtaek
6:30pm Arrival in Daechuri
7pm Welcoming Village Party