Images by Lee Woo-Ki

The twenty-third day of the Korea Grand March for Life and Peace, marching throughout Korea to end the Gangjeong Naval Base, in  Pyeongtaek.

The participants of Grand March arrived in Pyeongtaek and visited the History Exhibition Hall and Peace Liberay of Daechuri village. The traumatic history has begun since the military base invaded into this farming community. Eveything happened in Gangjeong once happened here. The villagers’ farming land were stolen, got kicked out from their home, forced to change the means of living, and the farming community was destructed.

When we asked how the villagers live now, the sanswer is that only small number of people still farm but their farming land takes them around 1 and half hour to reach and the others mostly become labor in the public organization as they couldn’t work as farmers anymore. The villagers are still much traumatized by what have happened in the long strugling to defend their lives and peace.

Terrible violence of state under the name of security happend not only in Gangjeong.

In the night, the newly released prisoner, Kim DongWon joined to the Grand March. People were so happy to meet him again. More members are gathering for the voice of peace.