Images by Lee Woo-Ki

The twenty-eighth day of the Korea Grand March for Life and Peace, marching throughout Korea to end the Gangjeong Naval Base, in Incheon.

In the morning, participants had rally in front of Incheon Labor Department to protest against the tremendously high percentage of irregular employment. This struggling has been continued for more than 2000 days. Even 87% of  the workers in the Incheon Airport are hired in the way of irregular employment. Other areas in Korea are not so different from the situation in Incheon.

And then, people had rally in front of  the Bupyeong US military base to protest against the pollution and the impact on the residents’ health by the military base.

In the night, the candle light rally was held in front of the  Bupyeong Lotte Mart Department store.  After the  candle light rally, participants visited the building which used to be the Cort Musical Instruments Company. The workers have been struggled for more than 2000 days here for the respectable and responsible treatment which they deserved.