2012 Korea Grand March for Life and Peace

29th Day, Bucheon, Yeongdeungpo, Yoido

Images by Lee Woo-Ki

The twenty-ninth day of the Korea Grand March for Life and Peace, marching throughout Korea to end the Gangjeong Naval Base, in Bucheon, Yeongdeungpo, and Yoido.

In the morning, participants had rally in front of the Young-an Hat Factory to support the lay-off workers of  Daewoo Motors whose right of surviving was ignored under the concept that the capital prevails the social responsibility of emplyeers. For the profit, the leader group of Daewoo Motors divided and sold out the companies to Young-an Hat Factory with the condition which sacrifices the workers but saving only the profit.

Then, people continued the march to the spot where the building and residents were forcibly demolished and removed in Bucheon and during the process, the residents were brutally treated by the private securities. People gave the solidarity to support the request to government to establish the Act to prohibit the violently forcible removal.

In the afternoon,  people had a short rally in front of the Hyundai Motors. Also, the rally was held in front of the Jaeneung Education Center to denounce the “Jaeneung Capital”. The tutors who teach are workers! For socializing this kind of common sense, the truth is that the sit-in have been continued for more than 1700 days on the road.

And then, finally, people entered to the Seoul City and marched till the Yoido to have Candle light rally.