2012 Korea Grand March for Life and Peace

30th Day, Yoido-Yongsan-Seoul City Hall Plaza

Images by Fielding Hong and Lee Woo-Ki

The thirtieth day of the Korea Grand March for Life and Peace, marching throughout Korea to end the Gangjeong Naval Base, in Yoido-Yongsan-Seoul City Hall Plaza.

The last day of the Korea Grand March began with the Press Conference in the Yoido Park and people started marching to the next stop – the location of Yongsan tragedy. The victim family of Yongsan tragedy demand the government to tell the truth about this incident.  (see the former album)

Next to the location of Yongsan tragedy, people marched to the Department of National Defense to protest the violence against people under the name of national security.  Gangjeong villagers have been suffering because of the improper naval base in Jeju island.

After protesting in front of the Department of National Defense, people continued the march to the Seoul Station and then Seoul City Hall Plaza to have the last night rally. So many people gathered and all the marginalized group spoke out their need including Gangjeong people.

A lot of Gangjeong villagers and activists fly from Jeju to Seoul to join at least the last night of Grand March. They bravely stand out for their own suffering and furthermore, giving solidarity to other sufferers in their common society.