2012 Korea Grand March for Life and Peace

eve festival and 1st Day, Gangjeong village. April 3rd Peace Park and Jeju City

Images by Life and Peace Grand March administration team and Jang HyunWoo

Korea Grand March for Life and Peace has been encouraged with an eve festival on October 4th and launched with a ceremony in the village Peace Center, a visit to the Jeju April 3rd Peace Park in the morning and a press conference in front of the Island government hall on October 5th.

After the conference, people made a march from the Jeju Island government hall to the Jeju port. Mayor Kang with Gangjeong villagers, participants and Bishop Kang U-Il, President of the Korean bishops joined the march, as well as about 40 religious people including the members of the Jeju branch of the Won Buddhism.

The slogan of Korea Grand March for Life and Peace is “All is the SKY, We are the SKY.” The “SKY” composed of laid-off workers of Ssangyong(S), villagers of K(G)angjeong(K), and bereaved families of Yongsan (Y) demanded no irregular jobs, no structured lay-off, no Jeju naval base, no forceful demolition, no Four River project, no nuclear development, no golf field but Yes, Life and peace for all.

The marching participants will visit a lot of fields of the unjust incidents and the marginalized people in Korea.