On March 7th, people from across Korea and Jeju gathered in remembrance of the blasting of Gureombi Rock. We begin the peace march from the Gangjeong village Association Hall and reached the Meotppuri Rocks after making two more stops at the main gate of the naval base construction site and the peace center. About 70 people joined the march and the whole group grew big as we walked toward the place where Gureombi Rock used to be alive. Every year, Gangjeong people hold an event to mark the day of Gureombi Rock blasting. We marched, sang, and dance together by sharing our memories of Gureombi through music, poems and the sacred dance. There was a special visitor who represents the spring water of grandmother that used to come out from Gureombi Rock. She was carrying a jar that contains the water that heals the wounds in people’s mind by the loss of Gureombi Rock. She is also tied herself to the long string that represents the birth of creatures. The marchers carried it together binding themselves with spirits of life. It was really a memorable and moving day for all of us. You can see more photos of the events here and here. Photo credit: Wooki Lee

(Written by Park Jung-Joo)

For more photos by Song Dong-Hyo, see here.

Video by ‘A River Drop’