A Woman’story on the Gureombi Rock

Cho Sung-Bong's film and story

Film and writing by dir. Cho Sung-Bong

On May 4, 2013

She dances alone. No, the winds and sea waves dance together with her.

She has said that the Gureombi Rock is in same fate with her.

In the thought that she may not be able to see the Gureombi Rock again,

She said she visited the Gureombi Rock when she scheduled for operation.

She was told that it was cancer.

After she got operation,

The Gureombi Rock was forcefully closed by the police force in the dawn of Sept. 2, 2011.

The Gureombi Rock  that she had danced

Is now covered with cement and tetra pods.

The after-story of the woman is that

When she got operation, cancer was not discovered.

She was told it was ‘wrong diagnosis.’

She said,

“I wonder whether cancer disappeared when I was visiting the Gureombi Rock for 10 days.

The Gureombi Rock is being destroyed but I am alive now.”