An Umbrella For Gangjeong (1)

Drawing about Gangjeong and Gureombi by Emily Wang
  • Halmang (Grandmother).

  • Wind, Rock, Woman

  • Pray in Gureombi

  • The shadows, Warm Time in Gureombi

  • Dancing in the darkness, Gangjeong's spring.

  • Suffering servant

  • Prayer meeting in front of the naval base

  • 生命之岩Gureombi

  • Gureombi

  • Such like the Rock

  • Creator

  • Maybe a Red-feet Crab

  • Gureombi

  • Resting

  • Prayer

  • abundance

  • Full Moon in Jeju Prison on the Korean Thanksgiving Day.

  • Birth

Emily Wang is a Peace worker from Taiwan. She came to Gangjeong in 2011 and since that time, she has been involving in the peace struggling of Gangjeong and has been living in Gangjeong for almost 2 years. During her time in Gangjeong, she has been recording her witness and feeling through painting. Her work in Gangjeong leads to the result of Entry Denial by Korea government against her on April 2013.

“Gangjeong is like under a heavy rain. The real reason of this heavy rain in the world has been festering and smelly but not many people realized. It makes me sad. But I think what I can do in this heavy rain is holding an umbrella as who I am . When I see different kind of people holding their own umbrella in different kind of ways, I want to silently respond their small kindness by holding my own umbrella too. My drawing is something like this, is a small umbrella I hold for Gangjeong.” by Emily