Photo by Emly Wang

September 2, 2012 was the one-year anniversary of the day that police and navy cooperated to kick people out of Gureombi and seal off the land entry by completing the construction wall around the base site. Although that day was a terrible and difficult day, one year later, Gangjeong’s struggle is still going on, and growing domestically and internationally. On September 2, 2012, villagers and activists did “3-steps, 1-bow” from the Gangjeong Peace Center to the Naval Base destruction site gate. There they held an inspiring press conference, showing that the wall can never erase people’s memories and suppression cannot truly discourage the desire for justice and peace. Because of this special day, September 2 was also chosen as the opening day of the International Solidarity Week for Gangjeong, which ran from September 2 -9.