By my blossoming

A short film by Song Dong-Hyo on May 23, 2013

By my blossoming

Lyric by Jo Dong-Hwa (translated)

Song by Sung Kyung-Won

Don’t tell that a grass field will not be changed merely by my blossoming
Is not a grass field to eventually become a whole flower field if I and you blossom together?
Don’t tell either that a mountain is not changed merely by my being dyed
Is not a whole mountain being colored like fire if I and you are being dyed together?


Brother Park Do-Hyun in the movie was arrested with Dr. Song Kang-Ho on July 1, 2013 when they monitored  illegal naval base construction(destruction) on the sea. See here.

It is not only him. There are many nameless people who fight hard every day.  Nobody demand to nobody. Everyone blossoms from each one’s spirit, which would eventually bring the whole struggle against the Jeju naval base  construction and for the demilitarization of Jeju, the Peace Island!


Photo by Cho Sung-Bong (source)/ Mass and dance
The Catholic mass is being held every day. And it is connected hand in hand together from the main gate of construction site to the main gate of the naval base project committee. We need more of your hands to connect it completely. [..] For Gangjeong, for the future of all of us, and for all the disappearing lives on the Gureombi Rock, please give us your hands’ (wiring and photos by Cho Sung-Bong)
In the link, you will see photos of Fr. Mun Jeong-Hyeon, Fr. Mun Kyu-Hyeon and Paco Booyah, too.’
In the  photo, you can see Mr. Lee Jong-Hwa who was just released on June 22, after 55 days in jail (with yellow environment-monitoring jacket, in the right end of photo). For more source, click the source.

six nuns

Photo by Cho Sung-Bong(source)/ Six Catholic nuns
The navy hung two banners in the gate in the name of ‘workers of the Jeju civilian-military complex port for tour beauty.”
The [two yellow and green] banners [blaming] the priests read,
For whom is obstruction of construction, under the excuse of religious event? Will the God be happy on it?”
For whom, are you, priests using religion and robes as shield, being in such pose?”
Today, six Catholic sisters kept the construction (destruction) main gate all day.
The sisters made a joke on the navy’s banner
Are you curious on that? Then you may pay 500 won (50 cents) [for our answer]!” For more photos, click the source