The Jeju Aerospace Museum (JAM) was built by the three groups of Jeju Free International City Development Center, Jeju Island and ROK air force. It opened in April, last year, and fosters public-friendly militarism culture.

The JAM planned a public event upon Christmas. The idea is that if the visitors take photos in front of a very light weight plane in the hall of museum and post that photos on SNS, the museum would give them ballon or assembly sets of toy planes such as F-4 Phantom or Nieuport 17. See the event advertisement site, here. It is told that F-4 Phantom was one of the military planes used by the US military for the longest time after WWII and Nieuport 17 was one of the military planes during WWI. What a taunting on the birthday of Jesus who came to this world for peace.

Martha Hennessy , granddaughter of Dorothy Day, the co-founder of the Catholic Workers along with Thomas Merton, visited the village and walked with picket inside the museum for a brief time. People who could see her today may not quickly understand the phrase in her picket. However, some of them would think, “Jesus is the truth. War is a lie.”

(Photos by K. N. and  S. H.)