• Press Conference in front of the Jeju Self-governance Government Office.

  • The banner written "The Way we are walking is Peace"

  • Banner in the left written "No Nukes, No more Fukushima" and "No War, No more Base Island" Banner in the right written "Taiwan, Jeju, Okinawa to be the Demilitarized Peace Island"

  • Dr. Song KangHo held the collective statement of Inter-Island Solidarity.

Inter-Island Solidarity for Peace Korea Committee held a press conference on Sep 25th to announce the collective statement made by the Peace for Sea International Peace Camp participants, and officially delivered the statement to the Jeju governor through the officers of Jeju Self-governance government as a direct meet was not accepted.

The Inter-Island Solidarity for Peace Korea Committee members strongly requested the Jeju government to stop immediately Jeju Naval Base Construction(Destruction) in the island of World Peace, and realize Jeju as the real Demilitarized Peace Island.

In Okinawa, the collective statement was also delivered to the public through the press conference of the screening of Gangjeong Documentary: Gureombi, The Wind is Blowing. And in Taiwan, a collective action is being planed too in the coming winter.