Repeatedly Destroyed but Continuously Constructed Art

Installations by Everyone for Peace in Gangjeong

Images: Emily Wang, Sung-Hee Choi

The lovely peace activists are blocking the construction trucks from entering the gate with their body and by their “Repeatedly Destroyed but Continuously Constructed Art”! Whenever the trucks plan to enter, hundreds of police officers are always deployed here to remove all the activists sitting in front of the gate. Now the activists have started to block the gate not only with their bodies but with their “Repeatedly Destroyed but Continuously Constructed Art”!

I just made up the phrase, “Repeatedly Destroyed but Continuously Constructed Art”. The phrase describes the people throwing and stacking and piling anything available in front of the gate. This prolongs the delay of construction since the security guards and police have to first clean up and through away the stuff so the trucks can pass through.

This art is always very quickly and repeatedly destroyed but the effect, even for just 1 minute, this small delay, is so constructive. The hearts of people are so strong, lovely, and constructive as they repeatedly creating art work after art work which are immediately destroyed again and again.

Gangjeong is a living art gallery for life and peace.