Fathers, Catholic nuns and peace keepers for peace

Video by Peace Nomad and Pang Eunni


Catholic Sisters’ courage and peace keepers’ arts

Video by Peace Nomad

On May 23, Two Catholic nuns have blocked the main gate of the naval base construction (destruction ) area all day. It is for the 1st time since the large size state power was input on April 25.  Their efforts despite the risk to be arrested continued even on Friday and Saturday.

The two persisted to stop destruction trucks even for 1 second despite tens of police’s forceful moving off and encircling of them. The words of Catholic nun, So Stella’s admonition to young policemen is right in every phrase and sentence that it is a US base and the young policemen are sacrificed to keep its gate there.

One of their signs was “Punish the responsible who pushed down Mi Lyang!” The other was “Naval base built by trampling down the peace of Island people. It threatens the future of children and peace of Jeju.”

Meanwhile, efforts by peace keepers and Fathers in Gangjeong continue in culture acts, as well… They make arts from  trash such as styrofoam to express sea creatures and peace (For more photos, see here and here ). Some peace keepers have planted rice seeds on a small improvised farm just in front of gate fence. (source)


Brother Yang enters underneath a rude driver’s truck.

Video by Pang Eunmi

On May 24, a truck driver from a sub-contract company interrupts a Catholic mass despite Catholic Fathers in robes in front of the naval base destruction gate. Brother Yang who couldn’t stand it any more enters underneath a truck. Yet, the driver powers off starting device only after people’s fierce protest. If the Jeju is militarized, its culture will be transformed into killing and destruction beyond devastation. It is not construction. It is destruction for profit. (See more videos, here)