• "Gangjeong Chorus" sang a song-"Oh, friend" in the candle light vigil to remember the victims

  • Flea Market for Sewol Struggle

  • one-day labor work for Sewol ferry struggle

Photo by Sunghee, Yakgol, HyeYoung, hosu, eunmi…

April 16th, 2015 is the one year anniversary of Sewol ferry disaster. Even though one year has passed, the struggle is still going on. Lots of people in different places took action to show people are not forgetting and the responsibility should be taken.

Gangjeong people also took different kinds of actions for Sewol ferry victims:

Gangjeong Village Association send it’s video and photo solidarity message to the struggle of Sewol ferry disater and Gangjeong ocean team made a sea performance to re-float a banner written that “Re-float the sewol ferry and uncover the truth”. A lamp written “I’am Sorry, April 16th”, the date when Sewol ferry disaster happened, was lighten in the Mass tent in front of Naval Base in Gangjeong. A flea market was held in front of the naval base main gate to collect the donation for Sewol struggle, and we decide to contribute our one-day labor to the grass field to gather young bracken (a wield vegetable growing in spring), sell it to the market and donate the income for Sewol struggle. On the night of April 16th, we took Gangjeong village bus to Seogwipo city participating in the Sewol Ferry candle light vigil. “Gangjeong Chorus” sang a song-“Oh, friend” in the candle light vigil to remember the sewol victims.

By these small actions, people expressed the sorrow for Sewol ferry victims in Gangjeong and practice our solidarity for people in suffering.