Gureombi – The Wind is Blowing Preview

August 4th Gangjeong Human Chain

This video, a preview for Gangjeong director, Cho Sung-Bong’s upcoming Gangjeong documentary “Gureombi – The Wind is Blowing”, shows an edited short version of the August 4, 2013 Human Chain event. On August 4, 2013 700-1000 people came together and formed a human chain around the Gangjeong naval base project construction site. For around an hour, an event was held with speeches, songs, and of course, the 4 Gangjeong “addictive dances” which are performed daily in Gangjeong. This video shows a condensed version of the event shot from the air by an unmanned helicopter drone.

A longer version will appear in Director Cho’s documentary which is set to premiere this October at the Busan International Film Festival in Busan, Korea.


(Update: You may see a review of movie, here,  “GUREOMBI – THE WIND IS BLOWING” – 구럼… 비 …? )