Head Shaving Press & Fasting Conference at Main Gate

In Response to National Assembly's Failure to Cut the Budget

A day after the conservative Saenuri Party controlled national assembly announced that they would not be cutting any of requested 2013 budget for the Jeju Naval Base Project, angered Gangjeong Villagers, concerned citizens and activists gathered at 10 a.m for a press conference in front of the main gate to the construction/destruction site. A statement was read and then 10 volunteers heads began to be shaved. At the same time the same press conference was held in Seoul and Fr. Mun Jeong Hyeon, Gangjeong Village Mayor Kang, and Hong Ki-Ryong also shaved their heads.

Suddenly in the middle of the head shaving ceremony, police arrived and surrounded the press conference. What were they thinking? Are they even human? They couldn’t wait a few minutes more? They surrounded the press conference so that no one could get out, even illegally blocking photographers. Then they went to other construction gate to remove the few people there and bring the cement trucks in and out. It was outrageous and unbelievable that they couldn’t even wait for our solemn ceremony to finish before attacking.
Images: Emily Wang and Jeju Sori