• Jeju Gangjeong Art Activism Archive exhibition poster put in front of the Peace Museum gate.

  • Through the alley to the Peace Museum gate, murals are shown. Those are on the military coup by Park Chung-Hee (father of the current ROK President, Park Geun-Hye) and truth-examination on the death of Jang Joon-Ha, a respected political opponent leader in 1970s.

  • A painting banner by an artist is hung on the wall. The letters read, "Lets save Gangjeong."

  • Documentary and interview videos on the struggle of Gangjeong were displayed in four monitors, which helped audience to feel the sense of the struggle.

  • The Shinzzakkot band, formed by three Gangjeong peace keepers cerebrated the opening of the exhibition.

  • Village mayor Kang Dong-Kyun, novelist Hyun Ki-Young and Managing Director of the Peace Museum, Han Hong-Koo

  • Villager poet Kim Sung-Kyu and people, cheering the exhibition

  • Old warrior, Kwon Sool-Yong also visited the exhibition.

  • A photo of a banner (a portrait of Dr. Song Kang-Ho) in the people's watch tower and another photo of Emily Wang with the policemen are shown on the wall.

  • A photo of Benjamin Monnet who was deported on March 14, 2012.

  • Amid banners of international solidarity messages, Angie Zelter's earth flag is shown.

  • Photos of art activism- on the port wall, street in front of naval base construction gate, and naval fence.

  • Artist Koh Gilchun with Jeong Dauri and Kim Jong-Gil, staff of the Peace Museum. Photos by Jeong who is only 19 years old got great admiration from the audience on the day.

  • Deulpul with her dolls that she has made during the struggle. The dolls are depictions of various people in the struggle.

  • Many public relation materials including village international team's monthly newsletter copies are displayed with the background of a chronology of the struggle and photos.

  • International support letters to Yang Yoon-Mo are also displayed on a wall.

  • A famous artist Hong Sung-Dam's banner. He presented four works specially for the exhibition.

  • Group photo on the day.

  • People cheering after the opening ceremony of the exhibition

  • Mr. Koh Gilchun poses beside the paintings by Emily Wang (Wang Yu-Hsuan), Taiwan, who was deported on April 26, this year.

The seven years’ struggle has brought many art activists. A creative heart for peace and justice cannot but bring art. Mr. Koh Gilchun, Jeju artist has collected art activism works in Gangjeong and worked together with the staffs of Peace Museum in Seoul to shine light on those.

The exhibition titled ‘Jeju Haejeon,’ is shown in the Peace Museum, Seoul, from June 28 to August 14. The title is a parody of the Korean words, ‘hae’ which means ‘sea,’ and ‘jeon’ which means both of ‘warfare’ and ‘exhibition.’ Among the displayed art activism works, we can see paintings by Emily Wang (Wang Yu-Hsuan) and banners by Benjamin Monnet. We see an earth flag presented by Angie Zelter. All were deported.

International solidarity letters to Yang Yoon-Mo were also displayed, as well as monthly newsletters worked hard by village international team members, especially by editor, Paco Booyah.

On the  day, village mayor Kang Dong-Kyun, villager poet, Kim Sung-Kyu and respected Jeju 4·3 novelist Hyun Ki-Young joined the opening ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of Gangjeong art activism. Beside art activism works, chronological record of the struggle, public relation materials, movies were also displayed.

The exhibition is a dynamic movement entity itself, though, with no definite end lists of artists. It is a movement to realize the importance of ongoing records, in the process to build a Life and Peace village, which would spark another creative hearts and minds for peace and justice.

Many photos are from Koh Gilchun (here and here) and Lee Wooki (here). And some photos from Oh Jayoung (here), Jo Yak Gol and Save Jeju Now. You can see many more photos by clicking the links.


Video: Song, ‘Il-Gangjeong’ (meaning Gangjeong, the best village), sung by the Shinzzakkot band formed of Gangjeong peace keepers during the opening ceremony of the exhibition on June 28, 2013 (Video by Koh Gilchun. To see other videos, click, here)

Due to popularity, the exhibition has been extended to August 14th. Please check it out if you are in Seoul.