Jeju Island Grand March for Life and Peace 2017 part 1

2017 Grand March for Life and Peace


The 2017 Grand March was July 31st-August 5th.

The march started in Gangjeong and divided into a West and East course to meet again in Jeju city after 6 days of walking.  By the end of the week 3,000 people gathered to walk over 100 kms filled with heat, rain, laughter, dancing, and cheering.

The East course was joined by the Gangjeong international team with 12 international participants from Japan,Indonesia,America,HongKong, and Taiwan. The East course team visited Seong-san and participated in their weekly candle light vigil to oppose the 2nd airport project in Jeju.

The West course had many participants from Seong-ju and they focused on the opposition of THAAD.

Everyday, the Grand March was filled with songs and dances from two different alternative schools in Korea; Treasure Island School (East Course) and Rice Seed School (West Course).  In between the long stretches of walking participants ate ice cream, swam in the ocean and in the evening shared introductions and celebrations together.

We feel this years march was a big success and we are so thankful for the hundreds of participants that came this year and we also want to thank the hands that supported all the walkers so we could be safe, have healthy meals, clean dishes, places to sleep each night, cars to transport all the materials and luggage, and translators for the international members. Everyone worked together to host the 2017 Grand March for Peace and Life!

Peace is the Way! Let’s Go Together!

Photo Credits:

Song Dong-hyo


Oum Mun-hee

Seok Jun-hong

Han Jin-oh





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