• Without a fall pipe or silt protector curtain a boat dumps rocks over the side of a barge.

  • Upon seeing the SOS observers, the construction suddenly stopped. hmm...

  • Silt protectors in poor condition right in front of the barges.

  • And a look below the surface: See the silt protector! But...why does this looks like a picture of nothing?

  • When there are actually silt protectors underneath, they are often torn or badly connected.

  • Sometimes you don't even have to look underwater to see if there are silt protectors or not. "Visually inspected almost everyday"!

  • Silt protectors visually inspected almost everyday! In perfect condition!

  • The ugly caissons.

  • In many places the daily visually inspected silt protectors have just been thrown in the water without being untied and therefore useless.

  • Closeup above the surface of the silt protectors, not even untied.

  • Closeup below the surface of the silt protectors, not even untied.

  • Another example above surface...

  • ...and below surface.

  • And then out in the middle of the site the silt protectors just disappear completely!

  • Random dumping of rocks without curtains or fall pipes happens on both sides of the site.

  • And then when they see SOS, it suddenly stops and some guys comes out to watch until they leave.

  • More of the same...

  • view from the eastern edge of the construction.

On Wednesday, January 23rd, the two members from the SOS (Save Our Seas) ocean activism and environmental monitoring team took a kayak and went out to monitor the construction in the sea and also check the silt protectors surrounding the construction site. Although they were not blocked by the coast guard, the scene was quite comedic as the whole time they were surrounded on all sides by 8 coast guard motorboats. As the coast guard boats surrounded them and recorded their every action, they stupidly, completely ignored the massive amount of environmental regulation violations going on right next to them. Once again, the coast guard has shown itself to be a completely worthless organization, failing entirely to protect the sea or the coast, and merely being blind and dumb thugs for Samsung, Daelim, and their bloodsucking friends.

These pictures were taken all around the perimeter of the site, from Gangjeong Port on the west to Maetburi on the east. As the pictures show, the silt protectors, chronically  mis-installed and/or damaged, were unsurprisingly damaged and mis-installed. This despite the lies words of Samsung-contracted Gun Young Engineering’s construction supervisor Yoon Hyeon-Tak who, on Nov. 29, 2012, said under oath in court that silt protectors are “visually inspected almost everyday“. (Of course, among other obvious nonsense things, he also said that it takes 1 week to 10 days to install the silt protectors, when in reality the construction companies put them up in less than a day, and that there was no dredging until August of 2012).

Further, according to the Navy’s own (deeply flawed) pre-construction environmental impact assessment, when stones and rubble are dropped into the sea they will use the “fall pipe method” (click here for a example video demonstrating a fall pipe dredging ship) Mr. Deception Yoon says they began installing them in October 2012. Fall pipes are used to contain sediment and dust pollution during construction, by placing the rocks near the ocean floor rather than just tossing them over the side of a boat. Wow, started in October, then they should be done by now, right? Oh, but actually using a fall pipe would be time consuming and expensive, not to mention somewhat environmentally responsible and legal. Thus behold pictures of rocks being dumped over the side of boats. Today and everyday.

But sometimes it seems the construction workers got nervous? Twice when the SOS members approached these rock dumping barges, they suddenly stopped and pretended like they weren’t doing any work, sitting down looking at us until we left. Meanwhile the coast guard, upholders of nothing the law and protectors of monied business  the sea recorded and watched the two SOS members in their tiny kayak. Great work ROK coast guard!