“Peace for the Sea” International Peace Camp, held from Aug 3-6th in Gangjeong village, Jeju Island, aimed to build on the inter-island solidarity for peace among three islands of Okinawa, Taiwan, and Jeju.

Every day, the presenters from Okinawa, Taiwan, and Jeju brought us different but connected island stories according to different topics of war bases which are causing environment damage, the historical struggle of the islanders, and other aspects of US militarism.

Participants also joined to the daily 100 bow, human chain activity and addicted Gangjeong dances in front of the naval base construction gate everyday. Ocean activities are conducted in the afternoon, and in the night time, different kind of village festivals were prepared.

The result of this peace camp is regarded as an important step for the inter-island solidarity for peace movement to demilitarize our islands, sea, and sky.

Photo by Peace for Sea International Peace Camp Preparation Team