Photos by Pang Eun-mi, Lee Woo-ki, Oum Mun-hee, Kang Eun-joo,  Choi Sung-hee

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On March 25

“A US soldier waves hands toward me when we faced each other through a bus window. I told him ‘go back home’ with my hands. As confrontation becomes long, police began to gather with two patrol wagons.
The South Korean police say it is because of SOFA.
The Government has even said it is a civilian military complex port for tour beauty. But it was a US military ship which arrived at the port faster than a Cruise.” ( By Wooki Lee )


“The US Military came during the period to cherish the memory of dead people in the April 3rd incident 69 years ago. .Even the Island government seemed not to have been informed of the US aegis visit in advance. The South Korean navy tells the matter is by US navy decision. The US military came here’s as if they are masters of the Island..a reminiscent version of 69 years ago?” 

In a short video, you hear the cry of a woman, a mother of a 11 year old son, She was with a camera and was pushed and fell down on the cement ground by the police who attempted to remove her away from the front of the tourist bus in which the US navy soldiers are taking seats to visit various parts of Jeju for the purpose of so called break and social service.

She got medical diagnosis of slight (cerebral) concussion. It is because she tried not to hit her head on the cement when she fell down. The police apologized to her but the psychological and physical injury will not go…

During the April 3rd massacre, the US general in command of massacre said he is not interested in the reason of rebellion but only interested in suppression..” (By Oum Mun-hee)


On March 26

“People’s action continue on March 26, Sunday, with 100 bows at 7 am and one man protests from 9 am to noon. Mr. Oh Chul-Geun did his special three steps one bow protest today, Usually we take break on Sunday. But this Sunday is not for that.

We hope that some of US navy soldiers who heard and saw our demands would not forget and think, ‘why.’ And hopefully they become peace activists themselves in the future. Who knows whether we will meet at the same anti-war peace campaign as fellow peace activists? The USS left in the afternoon of the day. ” (By Choi Sung-hee)


And on March 27

“Fr. Kim Seong-hwan who is currently in Ireland for two years’ study sent a message to Gangjeong, remembering the words of Bruce Gagnon who said about the importance of people’s protest when US military come to their local areas… since the US military have delusion of being welcomed by the local unless there is people’s protest…. Good reminder by Fr. Kim.” (By Choi Hye-young)