Sea Protest 1

Struggle at Sea against the base
  • Kayaks illegally blocked by the land police, protestors attempt to swim to the Gureombi Rock. Their path is blocked by the coast guard.

When the construction companies put up a wall around the base site, blocking the villagers and activists access to the precious Gureombi Rock, they took to the seas. Swimming and kayaking to Gureombi to pray and play, protesting cassions and dredging barges, and monitoring environmental damage are all a regular part of life in Gangjeong. The SOS (Save our Sea) ocean protest team is the main organizer of these activities at sea. Recently kayaking and “leisure sports” have been made illegal near the construction site, with a $1,000 USD penalty. Two of the SOS members, Dr. Song Kang-Ho and Mr. Kim Dong-Won are currently in prison for their brave actions. Despite these imprisonment, fines, and the coast guard the people will not be stopped!