• party food are prepared by lots of volunteers with love ^^

  • One Gangjeong friend sang a song as farewell present

  • A group photo in the end of the farewell party.

  • A nice good-bye jump before leaving. It's a photo taken in front of Paco and SIlver's community house in Gangjeong.

  • International Team leader, SungHee Choi, expressed love and thankfulness to Paco and Silver couple especially on the hard work for the Monthly English Gangjeong Story, which SungHee held in her hand.

  • Before Silver and Paco left for the US, Silver had a exhibition on her Korean traditional sewing art work, which she has kept learning in Gangjeong village with other community members who has the smae hobby.

International Team members, Silver and Paco couple, after diligently supporting Gangjeong anti-base peace struggle in Gangjeong village for more than 2 years, they had left for the US for the next journey of life. As the community, Gangjeong villagers and peace keepers held the farewell party for them. It was an awesome party, and it again reminds us that the suffering of Gangjeong had truly become part of our suffering while for long time we have been working as one community for peace.

photo by Choi HyeYoung and EunYoung Park