The below is an email by Agneta Noberg, forwarded on Oct. 13, by Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear power in Space, The Global Network has held its 20th annual conference, which was also the Jeju International peace Conference (To see the event summary and report, click each) in the Gangjeong village from Feb. 24 to 26, 2012. On Feb. 26, 10 international activists including Bruce Gagnon have been arrested ( 2 from the UK, 4 from the US, 1 from the Ireland, 1 from the New Zealand and 2 from Sweden) along with 6 villagers/Gangjeong peacekeepers/ Catholic priests when they tried to enter the Gureombi Rock through the wire razor fence that was installed on Feb. 24. Among them, two were Gun-Britt Makitalo and Agneta Norberg from Sweden. We want to express deep gratitude to the two who continue solidarity with the Gangjeong village. Please click the Feb. conference literature in which their writings were provided.

‘Inspiration – the World October 13th, 2012
Gun-Britt Makitalo and Agneta Norberg had a workshop about the resistance against a US military base on Jeju-Island on October 13th. It was  part  of the one day event called Inspiration the World at Workers Studiehouse(ABF) Stockholm. The whole house was filled with workshops of different kind- and the themes  were: Peoples movements, for Earth, Water, Global Justice and Peace. See Agneta Norberg gave an historic overview of Jeju-Islands resistance and Gun-Britt Makitalo gave a vivid picture  about the event when we both were  arrested.We handed out leaflets  and showed a film  about Jeju Peace Movement  by Patrick Cunningham. We had a table of books were you could find broschures from Jejeu Island and the books. The Satellite War and Star Wars-US tools of Space Supremacy was there, too. On the wall we had a banner in Korean and Swedish language.The Swedish text was: NO US BASE ON JEJU ISLAND,SOUTH KOREA.We also handed out the address to Korean Ambassador in Stockholm and urged people to call.The event was very much appreciated by those who attended the workshop. I informed about  different websites  and Bruce Gagnons’ ORGANIZING NOTES. Greetings Agneta’


The below is the bio of the two in the literature.

Agneta Norberg is in the board of Global Network, International Peace Bureau (Geneva), Swedish Peace Council (vice Chair), member of the network ICC No-To-NATO, Abolition2000 Council, arranged a series of conferences in Sweden about Space, NATO, Nuclear Weapons, drones. On speaking tours in North and South of Sweden and in Europe. She has been arrested twice in Menwith Hill (UK), in eastern Turkey (Batman) and in other places. She attended Global Network conference in Seoul a couple of years ago and visited Pyongtaek and Mugon Ree. She is looking forward to come and give support to the struggle in Jeju Island, which she follows on Bruce Gagnon’s blog:

Gun-Britt Mäkitalo is a Women for Peace for more than 25 years. She has arranged several seminars in Norway. Murmansk and Sweden and travelled around Sweden to talk about Nato activities in the North part of Sweden. She has been arrested once in Brussels, Nato Game Over. She lives in Kiruna, Sweden.