Taiwan Solidarity Trip 1

Inter-island solidarity for just peace
  • People who attend "Taiwan, Jeju, Okinawa inter-island solidarity for just peace sharing meeting" gave their solidarity to Jeju and Okinawa

Some Gangjeong Peace Activists are now visiting Taiwan for one week on March, 2013 for the inter-island solidarity for just peace. We have met a lot of Taiwanese and also Korean and Japanese students in Taiwan who interest in the inter-peace island issue and some of them even have been watching out the situation of Gangjeong or Okinawa and want to spend time thinking of this issue in Taiwan.

It’s not only for Jeju but also for the peace of Taiwan and Okinawa, people gathered to discover our connected history and future. Surprisingly, many people, at least more than our expectation, gathered although many in Taiwan still couldn’t find out enough reason to talk about it. It’s really a fruitful trip because, there’r people in Taiwan want to talk, think or act for it.

More photos and sharing will come up soon!