The Ghosts of Jeju

Regis Tremblay film clip on the hidden story of Jeju 4•3 and struggle against naval base

‘The official trailer of this shocking film about U.S. culpability in Korea since 1945. This is not a history of the Forgotten War, but for the first time a revelation of unimaginable atrocities committed at the hands of the U.S. Military Government in Korea immediately after WWII.

The film places the modern-day protest by the peaceful people of Jeju Island, S. Korea against the construction of a massive naval base in the tiny village of Gangjeong in the context of the massacre of as many as 80,000 of their fellow citizens only 60 years ago. Many of the villagers are survivors of those crimes or direct descendants of those who lost their lives because they were opposing the American occupation.
But, the resolute attitude of the villagers and their supporters will leave audiences inspired, deeply moved, and asking “what can we do?”

(By Regis Tremblay)


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