The Peace Book Library

Song Dong-Hyo film

Hundreds of Korean writers named ‘Writers Action 1219‘ have joined the Peace Book Village  project since last year. One of their projects has been to open a small peace book library in the village. On April 6, the Peace Book Library opened amid many people’s joy and celebration, with the support of more than 400 Korean writers. (See the page 3 of April Monthly Newsletter)

A woman peace activist named Tera (Kim Seri) has been keeping the space as a manager since then.

The video is on the peaceful daily scenes of the library where villagers, activists, writers, artists, and children gather to take break with teas, to read books and to build community. The Peace Library has currently some small specific plans that would greatly contribute for the villagers’ vision of “Gangjeong, the Life and Peace Village,”  to be realized. A Korean article on the library was recently published. See here.