The Spirit of Gangjeong 8

by Regis Tremblay, June 24, 2014

The video covers recent situation of Gangjeong and Korea that includes Kathy Kelly’s visit to Gangjeong, Milyang struggle, peace activists’ resistance to unjust fines, and workers and priests’ protest to government, especially upon Sewol ferry incident.. .  Please support Regis’ next film which is against corporatism and militarism in Asia Pacific and beyond..

  ‘In this edition, massive protests around Korea; almost naked Korean grannies resist hundreds of police protesting the placement of high voltage electrical towers in Miryang; sneak preview of short clip of longer interview I made of Chris Hedges (will appear in my next film).’ (By Regis Tremblay. For more on his documentary on, ‘The Ghosts of Jeju,’ see here)