On June 29, 2013, three activists started two-week Island peace pilgrim to make public relation on the 2013 Grand March for the Life and Peace of Gangjeong

In 2010, a peace keeper Kim Min-Sou wore Korean-traditional cloth and shoes and made a peace pilgrim throughout the whole Island for two weeks to appeal to the Island people on opposition to the Jeju naval construction (destruction) and for the realization of the Peace Island. He left with no money and relied on a portable tent for sleeping on the street. But he returned back with lots of support including some funds from the people who met during the pilgrim.

In 2011, he was accompanied by two peace keepers, Ms. Eunmi Pang and Hanal. This time in 2013, he is joined by Hanal, Mr. Moon Bong-Pal, as well as an activist and media news reporter, Mr. Kim Bok-Chul who was released after 202 days’ imprisonment last year.

On June 29, the pilgrim group started its two week pilgrim amid the cheer by Catholic Fathers and people.  Activist Hanal even carried solar electrification plate in his back. The group will walk along all the coast of the Jeju, making public relation on the Grand March for the Life and Peace of Gangjeong 2013, from July 29 to Aug. 3.

It appears that many people are already showing hot support to the three, such as providing meals.

You can see many more photos by Kim Min-Sou and Kim Bok-Chul on June 29, here.
The pilgrim ends on July 11.  For photos  of July 1 &2  and 3rd by Licky Looney , see here and here.