From September 6-15 the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) held its WCC 2012 (World Conservation Congress) on Jeju Island. The event, held every four years, and said to be the world’s largest meeting of environmentalists, was held at the Jungmun Convention Center in Jeju, only minutes from Gangjeong.

During the WCC 2012, there were a lot of  creative and energetic efforts, both inside and outside the WCC by the peace volunteers and Gangjeong villagers. Thus, many IUCN members and participants got to know about Gangjeong’s struggle against naval base destruction and became interested in visiting Gangjeong, since it was so close by.

Because of this there were several Eco-cide Tours planned. The Gangjeong Eco-cide Tour program was designed to introduce the precious and unique environment of Gangjeong, which are or will be destroyed, to WCC participants. There was also a forum which introduce Gangjeong’s stories and to have dialogue with locals. Also many people simply got on a bus or taxi and visited Gangjeong on their own.

Gangjeong, as a village on the way to being a life and peace village opened its arms to welcome the many internationals wishing to enjoy beautiful nature together.