Yang Yoon-Mo was released at midnight (00:00 am of April 12th) after 435 days in prison, which is his 4th time imprisonment on the way opposing to the Jeju naval base.

Even though he was released at midnight, lots of people gathered in front of the Jeju Prison and waited his releasing. People shouted his name, sang songs, and danced hardly the Gangjeong addicted dances until Yang Yoon Mo appeared at the front door of Jeju prison. People hug him and he gave all the people there a great speech about the Demilitarized Peace Island of Jeju.

After this warm party in front of the Jeju prison, the next night, again the Gangjeong villagers held a welcome party for Yang Yoon Mo at the Gangjeong village association hall.

Yang Yoon Mo is deeply loved by the Gangjeong people, and he also promised to spend his rest of lives to make the Jeju a demilitarized peace island.