The Jemin Ilbo, one of the Jeju media, reported on Dec. 6, 2012 that the POSCO construction consortium received an order for the land facility construction of the 1st work area of the Jeju naval base project, which is about 130 billion won size.


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The Posco Consortium became additional main navy-contracted companies along with the Samsung C& T that is in charge of the 1st work area that includes the west breakwater (420 m), South breakwater(1,076 m), and accessory facilities and the Daelim Industry consortium that is in charge of mooring dock(2,235 m), east breakwater(953 m), land area formation (478,500 ㎡) and accessory facilities.

The business size is 300.7 billion won for the Samsung C & T and 202, 2 billion won for Daelim Industry.

(See the Chosun Ilbo article)


Photo taken on April 18, 2011/ The companies that join Samsung C & T in the 1st work area are:
Daewoo Construction, Deokyoung General Construction, and Maritime General Construction
The companies that join the Daelim Industry in the 2nd work area are:
Hyundae Construction, Gyeryong Construction Industry, Daeyoung Construction, Samhwan Corporation, and Beomyoung Inc.

The POSCO construction consortium includes the Jeju-based Deokyoung general construction Inc. that has received orders of three constructions related to the Jeju naval base one after another.

The POSCO consortium includes the POSCO Construction (40%), Shindongah Engineering & Construction (20%), Seohee Construction (12%), STX Construction(10%), Deokyoung General Construction (10%) and Samwhan Corp. (8%). The Deok young is the only Jeju-based corporation.

The construction is to build the office and residential buildings inside the Jeju naval base project area.

It is known that the POSCO Consortium had a fierce competition with the Daelim Industry Consortium and win over it on Dec. 4, 2012. You can see some disgusting so called eco-friendly map pictures of landscape architectures designed by the Jteng Co that joins the POSCO here

Regarding Deokyoung General Construction, it is known that it received the order for the 1st work area of the harbor and bay construction in the Jeju naval base project area(outer area construction)-which is about 310 billion won size- in 2009, joining the Samsung C & T Consortium with 5 % share.

It also received an order on naval base related construction one after another by receiving order on the construction on the 2nd work area of the land facility of the Jeju naval base, which is about 82 billion won size, by joining the Hyundae Construction Consortium, with 10% share,  last September.

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Photo and caption by Inchun Mpark on March 19, 2013/ ‘A villager, riding an auto bicycle, comes to the naval base project building complex every morning and appeals to the people inside the complex to please show his land inside the project area. But he is turned away every time.’

The last tomb inside the project area was moved out.

In the dawn of March 19, the last tomb of a villager’s ancestor was moved to the outside the naval base project area. While many villagers’ ancestors’ tombs have been moved, the villager, Mr. Lee, has been the one who has persisted to keep it in its original place. It is told that there was a traditional ceremony when the tomb was moved this dawn.

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