It was one of the coldest weather on Dec. 5. While the people’s sit-ins are ongoing in Gangjeong and Seoul near a month by now, people in both regions had to fight with cold weather that accompanied heavy snow (Seoul) and sleets (Gangjeong) in strong wind. Otherwise the village association entered  judiciary measure against the navy, companies and Island government, regarding environmental destruction. A good news is that  Buddhists made public their large size mobilization for care of Gangjeong.  Otherwise, 333 intellectuals made a statement opposing Park Geun-Hye, the Presidential candidate of the ruling conservative Saenuri party, with concerns on the possibility of returning back of  Yushin dictatorship.  For the details of each, see the below.


Amid coldest weather, Gangjeong joins the protest for the victims of Samsung

In Seoul, the struggle in such bad weather was highlighted though in solidarity by the people who are opposing against naval base, who joined the emergency press conference by the workers and bereaved families of the victims of the Samsung industrial disease in front of the Samsung headquarter in Gangnam, Seoul. On the day that Samsung chairman’s only son was promoted to vice chairman. See an article, here.

Heavy and first snow fall in this winter in Seoul area on December 5, there was a protest in front of Samsung, as part of ‘Hope March’ by the ‘Let’s live together’ team. . . . .Fore more photos by Wooki Lee, see  here(Facebook post by Regina Pyon)

The Samsung General Union had called for solidarity upon the Samsung’ security workers’ violence on one-man protesters on Nov. 30, the day of the 25th anniversary event commemorating the inauguration of Lee Gun-Hee, President of  Samsung. For more detail, see here. The venue was in front of Samsung headquarter, Gangnam, Seoul, where even long-time staying tenants are ready always to be evicted by the corporate greed.

Photo by Samsung General Labor Union, Dec. 5, 2012. The protesters held the images of victims by Samsung on Nov. 30, in the emergency rally, in front of the Samsung headquarter, Gangnam, the richest district of Korea.  For more photos, click here(Samsung General labor Union) or here(Photos by Lee Wooki).


Workers’ Presidential candidate demands to revoke the Jeju naval base project

Kim So-Yeon, a leader of legendary Kiryung workers’ struggle and now Workers’ Presidential candidate also shined people’s protest. Still the people’s struggle would meet the Samsung’s counter-rally in which the Samsung seemed to have mobilized its workers who are not actually willing to be. The Samsung also mobilizing the police even interrupted Kim’s election campaign.

Photographer Lee Woo-Ki writes:

‘We have fought all day amid snow. Even though Kim So-Yeon has Presidential candidate debate at 11 pm, tonight, she is still with us. . She says she was sorry that there was no night time passage of construction vehicles so no police circling of people [on Sunday, Nov. 18] when she visited Gangjeong with determined mind to be with people. Kim has slept beside Fr. Mun in sleeping bag when there was sit-in in front of National Assembly.”

Photo by Lee Woo-Ki, Workers’ Presidential candidate, Kim So-Yeon. For more photos, click here.


Following the Dec. 4 TV debate held by three Presidential candidates of the ruling, main opposition, and opposition parties, there was another TV debate for three minority Presidential candidates who belonged to non-party on Dec. 5. Among the three, Kim So Yeon represented Workers. Kim Soon-Ja represented cleaning workers. Park Jong-Sun is a conservative. The other candidate, Kang Ji-Won was absent in refusal of the debate form in which major and minority candidates were differentiated.

Kim emphasizing the oppressed people, pointed out the hypocricy of two big parties. Regarding the Jeju naval base, Kim said, “While Park Geun-Hye, Moon Jae-In, two candidates emphasize the Northeast Asia peace. They are keeping silent on the issue of the Jeju naval base that stirs tension and brings war threat, regarding the US. To stop the Jeju naval base construction is to cut the US- centered diplomacy and establish the peace agreement.” See the related Korean article here


Snow can be suffering cause for night time protesters in Gangjeong

‘December 6. . .very cold, freezing day’ . . .by Saewoo at the naval base gate. For more photos by Saewoo, see here (Facebook post by Regina Pyon)


A nigfht time protestor nicknames Saewoo writes:

“Tonight, streaks of snow fluttered.

The SNS was all covered with shouts of joy. However, I was not so glad.

In Gangjeong, snow brings coldness. Our cloths are wet by sleets. Even hot packs are being frozen. Still there are people who sleep on the cold ground to stop the night time construction vehicles…

My heart is likely to fall down with pains.

My tears are not dried even though I cry and cry.”

Around 5:40pm, Dec. 5.  police circling started…It
is cloudy..The sign reads, ‘All part of body are bruised and wounded. Stop unjustifiable police violence’

Around 5:50 pm,  Dec 5 right after police circling … new music instrument created by a villager


Villagers’ statement on having entered judicial measure against the navy, companies and Island government

Following its official letter to the Island government on Nov. 20, the village association entered on judicial measure against the navy-side and Island government on Dec. 5. The Original Korean statement of the below translation can be seen here.


Photo and caption by Go Gwon-Il, Chairman of the Villagers’ Committee to Stop the Naval Base around 5:30 am, Dec. 5. 2012. ‘The barges gave up the works and are returning to Hwasoon port due to the bad weather condition.’ (Facebook post by Regina Pyon) / The navy’s illegal and law-evasive destruction of the Metboori, in the east tip of the naval base project area has brought suspicion from the people. See here


Title: Is the navy harmful insect that gnaws on the value of the Jeju to enforce the construction even in violation of the agreed items in the Environmental Impact Assessment again following the general unreliability of the Jeju naval base construction?

The Jeju naval base project committee installed silt protectors on the sea with half a heart because of the protests by the village Association and environmental groups when it started maritime construction without installing stationary silt protectors on the sea in the beginning of last year.

However, it attempted to enforce construction again in the situations when silt protectors were not still equipped and even when the silt protectors were partly or completely damaged due to heavy sea waves. As a result, the Jeju Island government, lodged with civilian complaints, has ‘demanded’ official construction pose to the Ministry of National Defense(MND) and Environmental Agency (EA) three times by this year ( * ‘demand’ is weaker measure than ‘order’ that can practically stop the construction)

Even with those facts, it is already enough for the Jeju Island government to take a measure of the business suspension to the applicable enterprises. It is right to say that it is possible for the Jeju Island government to take a measure of business suspension to the applicable enterprises and cancellation on the superintendence committee’s registration, which is more than the measure of negligence fines against them, added of its records of directions to the navy on the installation of silt protectors four times and of repeated directions twice following the none-carried directions.

The Jeju Island is proud of its heaven-blessed nature. The Seogwipo maritime environment is the only UNESCO-designated maritime Biosphere Reserve in Korea and the Gangjeong Sea is of the habitat of soft coral, ROK Government-designated natural memorial No. 442. It is the start point that made the Jeju Island as the UNESCO triple-crowned and Seven Nature of the World. Is not the navy like harmful insect that gnaws on the value of the Jeju to enforce a large-size construction in such place even in violation of the minimum agreed items on nature protection?

We have clearly stated that, if the Jeju Island government does not strictly punish on such destroying behaviors, we would take a judicial measure even against- not to mention the navy, navy-contracted construction companies-the Jeju Island government responsible for unreliable execution on the duty of management and supervision [on the navy and its contracted companies].

On Nov. [20], the Village Association has requested the Jeju Island government to give the navy direction on  execution, submitting it with the proofs on the navy’s illegal construction (destruction). And the Jeju Island government notified us that it has sent its official letter to the MND and EA on the date of Nov. 30. However, in the Gangjeong Sea, illegal construction is still being committed.

Thereupon, the Village Association states that it entered the judicial measure thanks to the MINBYON (Lawyers for Democratic Society), against the navy, navy-contracted companies, superintendence committee and Jeju Island government, along with sending the Island government an official letter that demands it strong administrative measures such as the imposition on the negligence fines. We warn again the navy that dares various law-evasiveness and unlawfulness, being blinded only for securing 2012 budget. The navy should immediately stop the construction (destruction) that destroys the environment of Jeju while staging a fraud play of ‘Civilian-Military Complex Port for Tour Beauty,’ which is a nonsense. And it should bear in mind that there would be only a disgrace of judicial judgment along with people’s,  if it does not take steps for re-examination on the project along with apology to people.

Dec. 5, 2012

The Gangjeong Village Association


Buddhists plan to cure the village with a religious service for the God of Sea in the port on Dec. 13.

Photo by Jeju Sori, Dec. 5, 2012/ The Jogye Order of the Korean Buddhism and Jeju Buddhist Association, having a press conference in the Island People’s room of the Island Council on Dec. 5, stated that they would hold the ‘Yongwang Daejae at 2pm, on Dec. 13.”

Peace keeper, Park Yong-Sung writes:

Facing the Presidential election, the Jogye religious order, Jeju Buddhism orders and Buddhists from the Jeju and nationwide will come to the village to console the pain of Gangjeong. The Yongwangje ( a religious service for the God of Sea), the traditional village event, will be featured with the characters of Buddhism this year, as there are many Buddhists in the village. So the name will be ‘Yongwangdaejae’ combined with Buddhism ritual of ‘Jae.’ The event will be held at the Gnagjeong port, people looking at the Gureombi Rock and Gangjeong Sea at 2 pm, Dec. 13, Thursday.

 It is a big event even the highest leader of the Korean Buddhism and other high-profile Buddist monks join. The monks who has had little concern with Gangjeong and temples of various religious orders will come to Gangjeong. It is to cure the pain of the village and to recover the 400 year history community

In this event, Do-Beop, leader of the Life and peace Fellowship and Chairman of Hwa-Jaeng Committee, Korean Buddhist Jogye Order will join the event

Photo by Jeju Sori, Dec. 5, 2012/ Do-Beop, leader of the Life and peace Fellowship and Chairman of Hwa-Jaeng Committee, Korean Buddhist Jogye Order

Poster on ‘Yongwanddaejae, Dec. 13


Statement of Intellectuals in Asia Who Remember the Yushin Dictatorship

Photo source: Pressian, Nov. 5, 2012/ 333 intellectuals from 25 Asian countries made a statement, expressing opposition against park Geun-Hye, Presidential candidate of the ruling Saenuri party.


A highly important election will be held in December in a country in Asia, known for its exemplary democratization, South Korea. This election, to elect a new President in a presidential polity, is likely to serve as a significant testing ground for the future of democratization not only in South Korea, but in Asia as well.

One concern is that the prominent presidential candidate of the conservative ruling party is none other than the daughter and heir of the late Park Jung-hee, the notorious dictator who took power by military coup and ruled the country with an iron-fist for 18 years. Park Geun-hye played not only the privileged daughter role of the dictator but acted as de facto first lady after her mother died. She won her way to the presidential candidacy through appealing to the voters with the successes of Park’s regime and calling for restoration of its honor. She thus became the choice of oligarchic political forces who share the nostalgia of the authoritarianism that was Park Jung-hee’s rule.[..]
We intellectuals in Asia who clearly remember the rule by terror of Park Jung-hee and his Yushin dictatorship, think that what is presently happening with the coming election in South Korea lays a dark cloud over the future of South Korean democracy. Contrary to the beautified stories that Park’s followers make and spread, the days of Park’s dictatorship were a series of political crises and Korean people had to suffer from totalitarian control and state violence that resembled the days of Japanese colonial rule.
(For the whole statement, see here)


Kyunghyang, Dec. 5:  Digging up the Grave of Chang Chun-ha to Identify Cause of Death

An article that reminds the dark age of Park Chung-Hee, military dictatorship for 18 years (1961-1979). Park Geun-Hye, The Presidential candidate of the ruling Conservative Party is the heir of Park Chung-Hee. If she becomes the President, the future of Korea is dangerous…See also Park Chung-Hee in wiki )


See also Carol Reckinger’ s blog, ‘Camera War,’



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