The night in Gangjeong is sleepless. Only on the day of Oct. 29, three people were carried to hospital during their protest, following another 3 people on the 1st night of Oct. 25. The police violence against people are more dangerous in the night. Concern and information spreading is urgently needed!

The navy has planned to use 78 billion won as of September but it could actually use 50 billion won by then. The remaining 28 billion that the navy could not use up was thanks to the peacekeepers’ daily dedicated protests in the field. The peacekeepers’ hard efforts to delay construction (destruction) even 1min. has never been in vain. It is in fact a pain to risk themselves to be ‘limp doll’ (according to  an expression  by a peacekeeper Sanho) during the police roughing out them since the policemen and policewomen would mercilessly carry away them forcefully folding down their arms and legs and even pinching and hitting them to their bruise and scratches.

There is an urgent need for more people to go to Jeju to help offer support to the villagers.  There is urgent need for people to call the South Korean embassy in your country and tell them to stop the Navy base construction.  There is urgent need to help spread the word about this fight.’ (Source: here)

Please pressure the ROK National Assembly members to cut all budgets on the Jeju naval base project For example, ENGLISH@ASSEMBLY.GO.KR or Moon Jae-In, Permanent Advisor, Democratic United party, Presidential candidate:


Around 10:30am, Oct 29th Mon. Police come! Two peacekeepers that stayed overnight play a Ggeunggari (percussion instrument) and dance!

Around 10:30am, Oct 29 Mon. Police came! Peacekeeper Deulkkot plays an ukulele, a music instrument

Around 10:30 am Oct 29. A reverend protested to a policeman who allowed other policemen’s taking photos of protesters. The reverend demanded him to identify his name but the policeman refused saying it is not in the law. Which law? The policeman could not answer. Otherwise, a woman peacekeeper protests to the policewomen, “why do you pinch and are severe to us while you can do gently to us? 3 cement mixer trucks and 1 automobile came in while 10 cement mixer trucks 4 material-loaded trucks and 2 automobiles came out.

The police should put their nametags in their cloths but it is ignored by the policemen who come to the village to rough out people to back navy enforcing construction (destruction). A sign made by one of peacekeepers.

Around 11 am Oct. 29. A Catholic mass … Fr. Kim Sung Han is alone… an empty place of Fr. Lee young Chan, who was imprisoned since Oct 24.

Oct 29 Mon. a doll of Fr. Lee Young-Chan made by a peacekeeper Deulkkot keeps the protest site instead Fr lee who has been imprisoned since Oct 24.

Around 12:05 pm Oct 29. police roughing out again 3 cement trucks, 2 material-loaded trucks, and 2 automobiles came out while 4 cement mixer trucks 2 material loaded trucks , 1 oil truck, and 2 automobile came in. the word Hyundae is clear in a truck Hyundae , the company is where president Lee Myung-Bak came.

Emergency around 3:20pm, Oct 29, Mon. After 3:10 police roughing out, Jang Sungsim, a woman climbed up to the top of gate (about 2 m hight) and made a prayer with Catholic Rosary. When the company thug inside the gate ridiculed her, she ran down from the gate top to the concrete floor in fury. The thugs abandoned her despite people’s protest outside to open the door, even ignoring police request. The police are also responsible since they had left her alone even though they saw she was on the top of gate. Around 4 pm, she was carried to a hospital in Seogwipo city and was taken with x ray. She has problem with the backsides of hills and doctor said she needed close medical investigation and being hospitalized.

Sungsim right before falling down inside the gate

Around 7 pm, Oct. 29, 2012. Photo by Kim Sung-Hee. Candle vigil.

Around 7pm, Oct. 29, 2012. Photo by Rev. Choi Hun-Kook. Oct. 29 Dinner with instant noodles.

Around 9:10pm, Oct. 29. A male peacekeeper (30s) was carried to a hospital by ambulance due to violent police roughing out even without warning broadcasting in the night, following another male peacekeeper (40s) at 7:20pm. Both appealed pain in their right shoulders after the police roughing out of them. Only on Oct. 29, it is already three people who were carried out to the hospitals: a woman at 3:10 pm and two male peacekeepers.

Around 9:30 pm, Oct 29. The same woman who got medical cure because of injury when she ran down from the top of construction gate returned back to the village, rejecting doctor’s recommendation to be hospitalized. She wanted to get close medical inspection later. Back in the village, she occupied the roadway to the naval base project committee building complex to block the trucks. While she is a patient and has bandage in her foot and leg, the police only wanted to arrest her, to the people’s fury. She is a Jeju native who cannot stand war base to enter the Jeju, the Peace Island.

Around 9:40pm. Oct. 29. The woman sat on the chair and Catholic sisters are consoling her. However, the police would be more ignorant and uncouth. Many people are being stunned and infuriated for the police violation on human rights.

Around 11:10 pm, Oct 29. Another police roughing out. the police are roughing out elders including a catholic father one by one from a fire stove. Many people have been keeping the site. Two people from Mir yang, Gyungssangnam-do province made a solidarity visit and brought a box of chocolate cookies. Miryang is a community where small population, mostly composed of elders are fighting against nuclear power plant fueled transmission tower that would destroy their village. The Great March for Life and Peace team has visited Miryang on Oct. 12. See photos by Lee Wooki here and here.

Around 11:10 pm, Oct 29. Many young peacekeepers lied in front gate of the naval base project business building complex to stop trucks. the police took them apart one by one. it is infuriating to see the police carelessly throw them down into the police detention circle. many young peacekeepers appeal pain after police roughing out them…

Around 11:20pm, Oct 29. People gather in front of a stove again roasting tangerines after release from police detention circle.

Around 01:09 m Oct. 30/ Photo by Cho Sung-Bong. For more photos on the night, see here.

Around 3am, Oct. 30/ After the 3am roughing out, villager uncle Jonghwan and his son Joongdeok are to sleep together. They will even stick together even though the police will take them apart/ Photo and caption by Park Young-In (translated)

Oct. 30/ ‘Sleepless Night in Gangjeong’/ Photo and caption by Cho Sung-Bong/ A graffiti written by Sanho, a peacekeeper. In front of the construction gate. With the turning on light in the police search light, a group of police come across the Gangjeong bridge. After they finish their duty to pass the cement mixer trucks and return back again, the light turns off again. It took 11 min. 6 sec.

Around 4am, Oct. 30, 2012/ Photo and caption by Rev. Choi Hun-Kuk/ ‘I fell asleep during street sleep. The police tossed me sleeping inside the sleeping bag away to the side to pass construction trucks. The Gnagjeong peacekeepers cry sleepless and try to get a sleep on the cold ground.”

Around 05:05am, Oct. 30/ Photo by Cho Sung-Bong/ Sanho could not sleep for 3 days. Is she a plant? Animal or human being? “Sorry, Joongdeok, I am so powerless.” Uncle Jonghwan muttered to his dog.

Around 4;12 am, Oct. 30/ Photo by Young Jae Kim/
In the Gangjeong Sea, Not only a caisson dock is being moored in front of the caisson production area, but also dredge barge stealthy working during the darkness without light.
The caisson, a concrete lump made of the merciless violence, arrogance and lies of government, navy, Samsung, Daelim and US would be put into the Gangjeong Sea..


Video: For the serious police human rights violation against people, watch the video on Oct. 28: Click here and mouse down.


Solidarity photo  from Okinawa 

via twitter Henokohama Tsushin
Okinawa Christian are now singing Gospels at the gate of MCAS Futenma, showing their strong will against US violence.
辺野古浜通信twitterより (Post by Masami Mel Kawamura)


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